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Toe rag & drag, then some beatjuice...

Easy now...

Fred here. We went into the famous toe rag studios the other week for a session. Lots of geekin' out was to be had. It was a very special day in the life of my beloved Selmer treble 'n' bass amp when I paired it up with one of toe rags old 60's selmer bass cabinets. Love at first riff! We also got to play on the same amp that Jack White used on the White Stripes elephant album. Booyah! visit our facebook album

Coming soon to a world wide web near you is the new Tribes video for 'Sappho'. Grey bones makes a very good set designer, so book her in on your next music video shoot. 

Martin Zahringer took some great shots of us at our 'Bones Presents' show. I have never seen crowed surfing in such a small space, but I saw it that night. BEAT, our favourite London zine reviewed the show... Check out 'bones presents' show review here!